Lebron James Scared to Compete in Dunk Contest Because of Blake Griffin?

I know the real reason why Lebron has never competed in a dunk contest.

Actually there are.

1- His ego couldn’t take losing.

2- He isn’t that creative of a dunker.

He is a power dunker with incredible leaping ability, but not a lot of creativity.  The dunk contest is about doing things that have never been seen before.  Seeing Lebron doing a Tomahawk isn’t going to excite anyone.

Plus if he enters the dunk contest he is going to be expected to win and he isn’t the type like Dwight Howard to take it in stride if he loses to a Nate Robinson type player.

He has been making excuses since he has been in the league, his latest one is he doesn’t want to compete with Blake Griffin.

LeBron told reporters that he’s torn on whether to enter the dunk contest this season. Blake is a reason why.

James noted that competing against the likes of Blake Griffin would be a challenge and says, “he’s already got the home court advantage.”

We know that when it comes to tough challenges Lebron will try to get help, so maybe D Wade can compete for him.  Griffin wouldn’t be the favorite because it is in LA, he would be the favorite cause he is a MONSTER.

In the end Lebron won’t want his Cornbread taken and he will find a convenient excuse or seven not to compete.

17 thoughts on “Lebron James Scared to Compete in Dunk Contest Because of Blake Griffin?

  • While Blake Griffin is a BEAST, I saw all power dunks in that top 10 video posted above. Those dunks weren't that creative. He just dunked on people. He's a power dunker just like LBJ.

    • Upon further review you right, so Lebron really has no excuse now.

  • You guys are criticizing LBJ, but you don't do your homework before writing an article. You are a sorry example of journalism, you write craps about LBJ because you know people will read them,you don't care abut writing a good article,you only care about the number of people reading your crap. You know everybody keep saying that LBJ is not a winner, but most of you in the media have not won a Peabody,or a Pulitzer either, and for your profession those are the equivalent of the championship in pro sports. So before you write your next article, do some research, and put some substances in it, you poor excuse of a journalist.

    • What does any of that had to do with the dunk contest?

  • Lebron is an ego maniac – he will NEVER do a dunk contest. The stars today aren't like the stars of the 80's – MJ, Akeem the Dream, Drexler….they were all about that stuff…not these boys

  • Ragg – you are a whiny one… thanks for contributing nothing to this conversation

  • I don't remember Akeem the Dream in a dunk contest. I am a whiny one? LBJ doesn't have to enter the dunk contest,he doesn't have to do it for you fool's entertainment, the same way you don't have to do your homework, before you write an article. So before any of you so called sport journalist says LBJ is not a winner,go win some Journalism awards. And by the way, less than 10% of active NBA players own a championship ring, so if LBJ is not a winner, he's in the majority of players who aren't.One more thing, this is the 21st Century,not the 80's, stop saying MJ this, MJ that. LBJ never said he wants to be like MJ.

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