Lebron James Tweets to Cavs: “Karma is a B*tch”?

Is anyone humble anymore?

Does anyone practice humility in our society?

Do we have to kick a man when he is down?

Can anyone just be the bigger man?

When will we stop being so childish as a society?

Yes, Cleveland is over the top in their venom against Lebron James.  Yes, the owner went to far with his comic sans Ether letter.  Yes, the world knows that Lebron’s supporting cast, well wasn’t very supportive.

Currently everything is going well for Lebron there is no need for this:

First off never bring “God” into it, because everyone has dirt under their fingernails and if God sees all, he is seeing everything you are doing when you log off twitter.  God has giving Lebron the gift to play basketball, God isn’t his  personal enforcer like Sammy the Bull.

He is as sensitive and emotional as the fans of  Cleveland.  They are both acting like Vince Carter with a minor ankle injury, softer than Charmin tissue.

This is no time to be high horsing if you are Lebron James. Show some maturity for once in your life. Because it doesn’t matter if the Heat win 50 games in a row, all that matters is what happens in the playoffs.

Karma works both ways, just remember that King James.


Can someone please check on Moist Mo Williams aka the Charlie Brown of the NBA because I am not a doctor, but I did stay at the Motel 6 the other night and I think he is depressed.

7 thoughts on “Lebron James Tweets to Cavs: “Karma is a B*tch”?

  • I'm really tired of Lebron.

  • Everyone says they want LeBron to go away, yet we continue to nitpick his every move. He probably did say some things he shouldn't say, but who wouldn't take pleasure in seeing their old boss and co-workers, who couldn't ever quite get it done, humiliated on national tv? It's human, he's human.

  • No Jennifer, he's a clueless tool. Your email was one of the dumbest responses to this ongoing drama that I've seen yet…and i lurk at 4chan.

  • Just remember your own words LeBra! "KARMA IS A B*****.. GETS YOU EVERY TIME." You can't say that and NOT expect for "KARMA" to come back and bit you in the @$$! When it does, don't be surprised or shocked and expect Dan Gilbert and ALL OF CLEVELAND to jump on your @$$ when it does!

    "WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?" STFU! That's what you should do! JUST DO IT! Just STFU! You're talkin way too much and you think that you can embrace this "villian" role? Please, you don't have the INTESTINAL FORTITUDE to be that guy! That's KOBE BRYANT! You've always been loved and always sought that! Kobe has ALWAYS been the outcast and so he knows how to be that! Just look at the way he played right after the Eagle, Co incident… PHENOMENAL! That dude is ICE!

    You? Hahaha, you're tryin to have that cocky smile and smirk on your face whenever you hear the boos, but we all know that when you hear it, it gets to you and you're hopin and prayin for the shots to go down so that you can turn that around on the opposing fans! And when it doesn't you run and hide like you did in game 5 against the Celtics last year in the playoffs!

    You're gonna get yours… we're all just waitin and seein how catastrophic is gonna be. Legacy? Like the dude in the counter commercial said… "TRAITORS DON'T LEAVE LEGACIES!" The only thing you're gonna leave is a BLUEPRINT of how NOT to do things! Hahaha! What an IDIOT!

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