Lions’ Player Accused of Sexual Assault at Ironwood Grill

In an unusual twist the police have not released the name of the player and no charges have been filed.  The woman has retained an attorney and the investigations is on going.

So as you can imagine details are sketchy.

Monday night, several Detroit Lions’ players were at the Ironwood Grill in Plymouth at a private gathering.

A woman told Plymouth police one of the players had inappropriate sexual contact with her.

The woman’s lawyer wanted to confine his comments to a prepared statement.

“The police have not released the player’s identity and for that reason neither will we. We can confirm publicly that we represent the young lady that was the victim of the assault. We can also confirm that there were many people at the bar at the time of the incident and that the player was forced to leave the bar after the incident,” said attorney Michael Jaafar.

The young lady’s attorney is a “civil” lawyer meaning she is positioning herself for a lawsuit against the Lions player.  From what I can gather the player was making advances toward a female employee.  Were those advances enough to be charged with sexual assault in a crowded restaurant, my instinct tells me no, unless you are using the loose interpretation of what sexual assault is (grabbed her breast or felt on her butt).

I don’t think this is a Ben Roethlisberger situation where “bodyguards” were blocking the bathroom, but we will wait and see what was the exact nature of what the player did to get kicked out of the restaurant before making final judgment.

Detroit Lions’ Player Accused of Sexual Assault: