Marvin Lewis: Bill Belichick Too Smart To Go After Chad OchoCinco

Marvin Lewis is a HYPOCRITE.

He preaches he doesn’t like the drama and circus atmosphere, but while Lewis he has thrown all his support behind a quarterback that has said he doesn’t want to play for a team coached by him, Lewis has continually thrown these unnecessary shots are Chad OchoCinco.  Here is the exact quote:

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis on whether Belichick will go after Ochocinco: “Belichick’s smarter than that.”

How smart is Marvin Lewis for keeping OchoCinco on the Bengals on roster then?  If Belichick is smart enough to not go after Ocho then why is he still on the Bengals.  If Belichick is a genius for not touching him with a ten foot pole, what are the Bengals still writing his checks?

Does that make Lewis an idiot?

Because he is acting like one lately.  I don’t know if he feels the need to needle Ocho or he just thinks it is best to shift blame for everything that is wrong with the Bengals on Ocho.  Either way it is showing that Lewis just like his quarterback doesn’t like to accept any of the blame for the Bengals themselves.

Of course if Chad was to put out a carefully crafted press release saying he wanted out of Cincy he would be murdered because his credit score was too low to qualify for “media protection”

3 thoughts on “Marvin Lewis: Bill Belichick Too Smart To Go After Chad OchoCinco

  • Marvin Lewis doesn't write anyone's check. Why would he look like an idiot if Chad O is still on the team. He doesn't make those decisions. He just coaches the players the owner and GM give him whether he likes them or not.

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