Michael Irvin Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Around this time last year a woman claimed Michael Irvin Sexually assaulted her in 2007.

It was investigated and police found no evidence of a rape, but that didn’t stop the woman from trying to extort Irvin.  When Irvin didn’t pay up she kept her promised to sue him before the Super Bowl for the ridiculously amount of 100 million dollars.

After some back and forth both parties have come to a settlement. ProFootballTalk has the details:

According to the Daily Business Review (via ESPNDallas.com), the claim against Irvin and a $100 million countersuit for defamation have been settled.

“The parties finally came to their senses,” attorney David P. Lister said.  “The settlement was just reached last night.”

Remember our rules for sexual assault cases.

If you are a woman and you want people to take you seriously, report it to the police immediately regardless of what anyone tells you.  Secondly suing for a crazy amount of money and threatening to go to the press is not going to help your credibility.

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