Michael Vick’s Response to Latest Criticisms: “I’m Going to Be Me”

There has been some talk about Vick reverting back to some old bad habits from his Falcons days. There has even been speculation that if he were to struggle in the wild card round Andy Reid could pull him from Kevin Kolb.

While I think that is not the vote of confidence you want to give your quarterback going into a big game, the quotes from Michael Vick are nevertheless interesting when the subject was brought up.

I don’t have to do nothing. I’m still going to be me,” Vick said Monday, via PhillySportsDaily.com.  “I’m still going to play my game.  Still play with confidence, still try to rally the guys around me and make sure they are in tune with what we are trying to do and what we are trying to accomplish.  That’s what’s important:  You can’t change your game this time in the season. . . .  You just go out and play your best football now that it’s the playoffs.”

Vick also downplayed the potential impact of holding the ball for too long.

“It’s not an issue, it’s just things we need to work on,” Vick said.  “A couple games I didn’t get the ball out as quick as I wanted to, waiting on the downfield throws. That’s why you play the game — you play the game to get better and that’s what I’m doing.”

Vick is like a Ferrari when performing properly he can be breathtaking, but he has to be very careful not to overextend himself or he will blow his engine.

I think the beating he has been taking has started to take a little bit of a toll and that it is effecting his progression reads.  He is incorrect when he says you can’t continue to make changes in your game.

I promise you Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are tweaking things daily.  That is part of being a great athlete in any sports you are always adding little things, studying new concepts and always trying to improve.

That sounded more like a Vick as a Falcon quote than Vick as an Eagle quote.

I want him to continue to do great things, but he has to remember that he got to this point because he was in complete control of his Ferrari, he can’t let people start getting in his ear saying:

“Go faster!!”

Because that only leads to a crash.

3 thoughts on “Michael Vick’s Response to Latest Criticisms: “I’m Going to Be Me”

  • Admittedly, I have a Vick (and Philadelphia Eagles) bias. However, I don't think you can interpret Vick's comments as "I'm too good to get better". I think he was just trying to say that he wasn't going to panic.

    Also, Vick meeting adversity is inevitable. There was no way he was going to drive 100 MPH all season. Nevertheless, Vick won't be the reason the Eagles fail in the playoffs. I'm more concerned Stubborn Andy won't call a good game plan, and I'm afraid we won't blitz effectively.

    • I didn't say that, I took the comments as they were. Even if he didn't mean it like that, he should have say I am not going to panic.

  • There needs to be a 3 week STFU period on Vick After he and the Eagles pulled a Reggie Miller in the Meadowlands. ESPN is only pushing this because they are giving the MVP to Brady.

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