Mugshot: Mariners Outfielder Milton Bradley Arrested on Felony

I know you are shocked that Milton Bradley is in trouble.

I am sort of surprise that teams every year take a chance on Bradley, when his head is on straight he is a talented guy, unfortunately his head is rarely focused just on baseball.

KING 5 Sports has learned that Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley has been arrested on a felony in Los Angeles County.

No word on exactly what he was arrested for, but just a guess it had to do with him losing his temper and doing something out of line.

You would think after the multiple incidents with Bradley would should be immune to his off the handle behavior.


I would say that I was spot on about what happened.

Bradley was arrested at 1040 hours by LAPD’s West Valley Division.  For Bradley to be arrested for making criminal threats, the victim (an unidentified female) had to believe that Bradley was going to carry out the threat.  There also needed to be some type of evidence proving that Bradley had the means to carry out the threat and that he actually did make those threats.

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