Mugshots: Former Jaguars Ernest Wilford Tased & Arrested


Lets go over our checklist.  Wilford was at a bar, late at night, intoxicated and trying to pick up some women.  Sounds like a recipe for diaster.

When Wilford wouldn’t leave the bar willing, that is when things got interesting.

According to the arrest report, Wilford, 31, inappropriately touched at least two women at the Ritz on Third Avenue about 1 a.m. and did not leave when requested. Two Jacksonville Beach police officers who were called also said Wilford refused to leave, telling him, “I’m not going anywhere.”

According to the report, when Wilford pushed an officer in the chest, one officer fired his Taser gun. As Wilford did not go down, the second officer delivered a shock with a contact stun gun, which took him to the floor. Officers said Wilford continued to resist being restrained and it took both officers to get both arms behind him to get him in handcuffs.According the report, Wilford had a strong odor of alcohol and could not stand without swaying and rambled as he spoke.

Wilford it appears was trying to get his Bathroom Ben on, when the police showed up.  You have to be really drunk for the first taser not to have any affect on you.

He is lucky they didn’t shoot him, cops have itchy trigger fingers these days.

Wilford didn’t play this year, but it certainly doesn’t look like he missed any meals.  Instead of working out for a possible comeback, looks like he has been working that buffet line at Popeye’s chicken.


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