New Braunfels Texas Canyon High To Debut All Red Turf Football Field

Honestly when you first saw that picture you assumed it was a Division 1 college didn’t you? I know I did, but everything is bigger in Texas, so we shouldn’t be surprised it is a high school field.

That is one nice looking stadium and now they are the first high school ever to have “red turf”.

The brand-new turf surface will also serve as the home of the Cougars football program starting in fall 2011, at which point Canyon will be the only high school program in the nation to use a red turf field. Division I-AA program Eastern Washington used a red turf field for the first time during the 2010 football season, and plans to continue using it in future seasons.

While the red turf makes Canyon’s surface a pretty safe bet to be the nation’s gaudiest at the moment (or at least one of two, along with Eastern Washington’s), that honor may not last long if current plans for a forthcoming field in the Alamodome to accommodate the coming debutant University of Texas San Antonio football program actually evolves as is currently planned. Reports earlier this fall claimed the Roadrunners would use a bright orange field to match their school colors.

Everyone is trying to get their Boise State on with the colorful turf.

It is pretty cool if done correctly, when it is done wrong it can burn your retinas.  I might have to go down to Texas and check out a Cougars home game.

I have a question though.

How can a high school stadium turf be in better shape than the BCS Championship game field?