Pics: Chad OchoCinco Birthday Party..Bill Clinton Makes Cameo


I think Obama is a good President and in the long run I think his Prisdency will have a long term cultural impact not just on our society, but world wide.

With that being said my favorite President of all time will always be Bill Clinton.

Besides the fact he was getting busy in the Oval Office, he provides quotables like Jay Z:

“I did not have sexual relations!!!”

That is gangster. Chad OchoCinco had a birthday party in Miami and Clinton crashed it. Clinton who is 64 was the coolest person by far at the party.

Ocho’s time in Cincy appears to be over as Marvin Lewis continues to take shots at him while Ocho openly flirts with other teams on Twitter.  That is a marriage that needs to break up ASAP.

Off topic what is up with that birthday cake?


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