Pics: Kim Kardashian’s Booty Takes The “Focus” Off The Nets


Honestly it doesn’t take much for people to be distracted at a Nets game, so Kim Kardashian standing up showing her “junk in the trunk” that caused all the red blooded men directly behind her to be mesmerized isn’t that surprising.

Thanks to Jimmy Traina from SI Hot Clicks for bringing this to our attention and The Basketball Jones for the gif.

I still believe Kimmy shows up at Super Bowl with a NFL player or Kanye West.

We don’t have to worry about her with Ben Roethlisberger, but if I am James Starks or one of those young Steelers Wide Receivers they might get hypnotized by the booty.


  1. Not to be a lemon tart, but as much as I like Kim Kardashian (and I really do), I'm not really taken by her the way most men are. She's fine and all, but you look around long enough and you can find ladies that are far much hotter and nowhere as famous. Even then, she'd still not crack my Top 10 list.

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