Pieces of Ivory: Basketball Wives Eric Williams vs. Jennifer Williams

Jen When You Dig For Gold You Might Come Up With Crap.

On Basketball Wives we get to take a glimpse of the lives of woman who have relationships with basketball players. Even though only one is an actual wife on the show (and she is about to get divorced).

There are a host of baby mommas, girlfriends and ex wives that gives us an inside view to all of the ups and downs these ladies go through.

It seems that most of the decisions the ladies make are not very good ones. Because it’s reality TV we can only assume that a lot of the editing makes it appear worse than it really is. Some of the editing choices has nothing to do with it though. Why is Jen even married Eric in the first place. That marriage was doom to fail from the beginning, based on infidelity, but she still went through with the wedding. By doing that it added more fuel to the fire that she married him for his money/status and is nothing but a gold digger.

Some of you have said on Twitter, why is she a gold digger maybe it’s really love (If you believe that I got some swamp land in Louisiana that I would like to sell you at a very cheap price). There are obvious facts on how she falls into this category. On a scale of 1-10 in the looks department he might be a negative 3. He cheated on her 6 days before the wedding by bringing in another chick to see him at an away game.

They both agreed that she was very unsure at the altar when it was time to say I do. They been married for 3 years, knowing each other and dating for at least 7 before that and  they both agreed that she don’t know any of his friends or who he hangs out with? The biggest reason , is she talked about wanting a divorce,  how she was tired of him and how he was blatantly disrespecting her.

When she brought getting a divorce up and he immediately said ok let’s get it started today, she starts singing a totally different tune. Instead of saying fine my lawyer is ready to go, she starts to back pedal saying let just take it one day at a time and see where this can go. HUH?

You just realized that you are going to have to work, stop sitting around all day with Evelyn and spending his money.

Now you want to take a few days to think about it. Uh no ma’am

The most interesting part about everything is I can’t fault Eric for his attitude about this entire situation. He is being a total jerk about it, but at least he is being honest and straight forward. He’s like there no need to wait on anything, I’m leaving now to go do what I been doing, I’ll give you this house, 3 years alimony and no we can’t be friends.

He knows just like we do that she married him for his cash and he was going to do exactly what he wanted to do regardless of her feelings because he can. She thought she was going to have all this access to his cash and status because she hit the big time when she snagged a baller.  Jen don’t you realize the one with the power and money rules the situation especially if you don’t have any kids and no prenup.

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  • Well I'm not going to pretend that I watch the show cause I don't (and I'm basically anti-reality shows) but you give an interesting take on the situation. There are probably a lot of women who marry celebs/pro-athletes who fall into the same category.

  • Your reasoning sounds backwards. If she married him for money, she wouldn't be worried about what he was doing in the streets as long as she got to shop.

    She never implied he was cutting off funds. She never said money was a problem. The assumption is that she couldn't possibly love him because he cheated? Women do it everyday for broke guys.

    I'm going to assume she stayed for love. She could've had a child and assured her place and financial security but that didn't happen. That's Gold digger planning 101.

    Basically, you're wrong in your assessment. It's not hard to upgrade your "baller" count especially when you have one in your past.

    • When she realized that he was agreeing to the divorce real fast, and she was going to only get 3yrs of alimony then she wanted to change her story. She isnt really worried about what he is doing in the streets she only cares about how its making her look. She knew from the door that he was going to cheat on her he did it 6 days before the wedding, but she still wanted to marry him, why cause she loved him no, cause she wanted his money and his status.

      • Yep this is why I don't pity women who marry professional athletes they knew what they were getting into.

  • in relationships, money doesn't always necessarily equal power. Jennifer gave her power away in this relationship, not by not having kids or signing a prenup, but by having no game. her critical fails:

    (1) hanging around waiting on his @$$ for 6 years [my math: been together for 10 – married 3 – engagement 1(BUT Lawd knows how long the engagement was with these dumb @$$ chicks)=6 YEARS!], while he was probably cheating on her all along

    (2) marrying his @$$ when he cheated. $h!+! cancel the wedding on his @$$, let him wait at the dayum altar. he wanna cheat six days before the wedding. let him feel that i$h in his pocket. if you play your cards right, you can make him pay for a bigger & better wedding when he gets his i$h together. (see also Tammi's man then, deadbeat dad vs. now, Mr. Mom.)

    (3) not putting down the law after she caught his @$$. there has to be consequences, wedding or not.

    (4) not leveraging her assets, if you know what i mean. withholding pu$$y in an established relationship with ANY man, let alone a baller, when that's clearly all you have to offer (i'm just sayin' …), is an EPIC FAIL.

    (5) not communicating, besides text messages. when is that ever acceptable? i'll tell ya. JUMPOFF SITCHUATIONS! texts can only express a limited range of emotions, like excited to see you and fu(k!, and just don't compare to in-person, one-on-one communication.

    Jennifer did not play her cards right. Granted, she had a busted hand, but others have done more with less (see Shaunie and Royce).

    • Agree and exactly by not doing any of the things you listed and excepting his behavior why he got you looking foolish straight eludes to you just married him for his money. I hope she was at least smart enough to stack some of it away fro a rainy day!

  • Well said Honey! I agree with you 100%.

  • Is it just me or did eric say,"he was willing to work things out if she allowed him to? He said it in front of the therapist with jen. I thought for 1 moment he was sincere.I wanted to hug him for her.that showed me he was willing. Not to many men are gonna just sit around with their balls in their hands.

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