Pieces of Ivory: Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Want You Chilli..WAKE UP!!

Don’t know if Floyd Mayweather really likes Chilli from the popular group TLC, or if he is just another athlete that got picked to be on a reality show to get ratings. Either way he is doing a great job on the show “What Chili Wants” of making her seem like a desperate woman that is willing to lower her standards, overlook all of the blatant signs of disrespect, as he avoids all serious relationship conversation by ignoring her and not answering any of the questions on if he really wants to be with her.

He is doing such a great job of it that he is back on the show for its second season and its more obvious than ever that he doesn’t want the same thing, she wants which is to walk down the aisle with her and he is only putting himself in position to be able to sleep with her whenever he feels like it.

What is even more puzzling is why she is trying so hard to be with him. Yes he is a nice guy, funny and charismatic. Some woman might think that he is even a good catch, which they do from all of the feedback I received on twitter saying that they would want to be with him as well.

I’m so confused because this is the same man who has cases pending against him for domestic violence on his baby momma, he has four kids with two different woman and he is currently engaged to a chick name Shantel Jackson (who really favors Chilli) and she confirmed that they would be getting married on January 17, 2011. So Chilli why are you chasing so hard after this man who clearly doesn’t want to be with you.

Its so blatantly obvious that he doesn’t want to wife her up that its making her look really really bad. So bad that I have named a syndrome specifically after her.

Chilli Syndrome (CS) -Wanting and chasing after a man that clearly doesn’t want you and he makes u look hella desperate in the process.

Yes I know its TV and all of this could be staged and made up but her feelings for him are true and she clearly communicates that she would consider a relationship with him. So much so that she initially turns down a date to visit a race car driver Raphael Matos in Miami so Floyd can take her to Six Flags.

She is thoroughly impressed that “Money Mayweather” got the park to open up just for them. Just like she was impressed that he dropped 14k on a pair of earring for her last week. But all through the date she is annoyed that he is not paying attention, clowning with his boys and ignoring her. She continuously ask him are we going to be together and he bobs and weaves the question just like he does opponents in the ring. Chilli finally gets the message when Floyd tells her “you never sit around and wait you have other dates to go on”.

Chilli has her own money and her own name so she doesn’t need to be with him for any of that. But she is always excited when Floyd does something that is very insignificant in his world cause he has the money and power to do it. He just keeps dangling the possibility of a relationship based on their friendship and unfortunately for her that’s what men with money and power do because they know that most women are not going to walk away from the dream.

Until he buys you a ring you don’t need to be excited about nothing. And since he has already brought a ring for this Shantel Jackson, Chilli I’m need you to just walk away.

Pics of Shantel Jackson

15 thoughts on “Pieces of Ivory: Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Want You Chilli..WAKE UP!!

  • LMAO @ Chilli Syndrome (CS) -Wanting and chasing after a man that clearly doesn’t want you and he makes u look hella desperate in the process.

    • And you know it really exists. How many chicks do you know that got it lol?

  • So much for being pretty and having "good hair" lol!!

    • Hmm and to think thats all you use to need to get by and add on a lil lightskin lol

  • she don't look like Chili at all lol, good read otherwise

    • Not really look like her but favors her lightskin long hair cute. Thats obviously his MO. Thank you for the compliment.

  • You sound like you are just jealous! And from the looks of your pics I doubt if you get half the men chilli can get and she is probably bearly twice your age.

    • Now why am I jealous, cause I don't believe in chasing after a man that obviously doesn't want me? Or because I know when to get out of a situation before it has me looking desperate. If thats what it means then yeah, Im jealous. But you must have CS and love running after a man if you agree that any of this kind of behavior is okay on any level. But its okay cause I can tell you the cure, just walk away I promise their are more fish in the sea and somebody out there wants you just as bad as you want them.

      • I don't know who "Mercedes2010" is but they must need glasses because you Ms Ivory T are fine……

        • Miss Ivory, you are fine indeed and you've got a lot more sense. Brush the haters off your shoulders.

  • Great-Interesting Read IvoryT:-)

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