Pieces of Ivory: “Mike Haywood Should Have Turned in Player’s Card”

At what age do you really decide that you as a man are going to settle down and stop being in the streets? I have heard it all before the reason for staying single such as you aren’t financially stable, you still trying to climb the ladder in your career, and the best one you just haven’t found the right girl to settle down with. What if you meet all of these previous mentioned requirements at what cost will you give your player card up to settle down and finally be a husband and a family man.

That’s the question that I would love to ask ex Pitt head coach Coach Mike Haywood. If you don’t know the story it goes a lil something like this. Coach Haywood was hired by the University of Pittsburgh to be their head football coach on Dec 16, 2009 two weeks later on Jan 1, 2011 he was fired from his job after getting out of jail from being arrested on a domestic violence charge that has now been upgraded to a felony. I’m sure many more details will come to light of the arrest and all of the charges against him but for now the facts are you got in a fight with your baby momma put you hands on her and she called the popo. They took you to jail and you got fired from your job cause the university said

“Head coaches are among the University’s most visible representatives and are expected to maintain high standards of personal conduct and to avoid situations that might reflect negatively on the University”

Now Mike was a coach at LSU and word on the street was he was very friendly with the coeds there, he wasn’t married and they were consisting adults so whats they problem you may ask. Well I’m going to tell you the rumors looked bad then and now ultimately your player ways have caused you a great job and opportunity.

In 2008 there were 4 Division 1 head football coaches that were black out of 119 possibilities. 3 of the 4 were at what I myself and others would like to call dead end programs. If we compared that stat to the NFL which has 32 teams that would be equivalent to only 1 brother coaching in the league. (Not that it oh so many but the 8 they have now is better than what they were working with before.) At the beginning of this year there were currently 12 head football coaches at the DI level including Mike Haywood, thats less than 9 %. So you just let a job that many would kill to have slip through your fingers because you put your hands on your baby momma?

If you would have turned in your player card a long time ago, this situation could probably have been avoided. You have been an assistant on various levels for years and I sure your dream of being a head coach at a legit program is one you have had for a long time. At 47 years of age I’m sure you have been putting the pieces together for that to happen for a long time now and unfortunately for you playboy a wife should have been a valuable piece to that puzzle. Lets look at it this way you may have got into a lil tiff with your wife not your baby momma and Im sure even if you did possible put your hands on her, she would have not have called the cops and yall could have settled this in house. A wife would have understood what yall both have to lose if you get arrested and this gets out in the public. But since you dealing with a baby momma and if your track record is still the same she is probably way younger than you and of another race, she don’t care what happens as long as the child support keeps coming in. Not only did you lose a job that none of the alumni really wanted you to have in the first place, but you also just lost the jobs for all of those assistant that you just hired as well.

Hope she was worth it.

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  • Well being that I'm a Pitt alumni who is also 47 years old (and in process of seperating from my wife) I definitely feel for the brother. I'm sure being a single man with a high profile job and being around all those attractive college women has to be very tempting. It's one thing being a playa with consenting adults of the opposite sex but it's another when things get violent. Hopefully Haywood has learned his lesson.

    • @LB, You are exactly right. Its already hard enough to be in a head coaching position but to do it while single in that environment makes it even harder. And as I wrote of course reports are coming out that he has always had off field personal problems that Pitt just ignored.

      • co sign kevin 110%; well written article no substance. this article has absolutely nothing to do with mike haywood situation as the court documents clearly show the females version of events. he didnt lose his job from being a player. just from reading ur article, i would think u should respect a man who knows he doesnt want to b married. what makes u think marraige is the best thing for him. every1 does not have a mentality to b married. being married is some serious work and commitment, i know, bcause i am. being married would not make ur life whole if u dont want to b married.lol

        • I do respect the fact that he doesnt want to be married, but through my experience and as others have mention its actually beneficial,it can help your image and it just makes your job as a head football coach much more persuasive in certain areas ie: it can help with recruiting, and also the university knows that a single guy with that much power could easily have the pick of the school's females students and thats definitely a scandal they dont want on their hands.. Its just easier to do this job when you have the "look" of a family man and a husband attached to your name and not the rumors of being a player. Which unfortunately for haywood he has had that.

  • It seems like he should have turned in his boxing gloves instead.

  • Well written article but of no substance.

    • Please tell me while there was no subtance, all the stats are true and the rest is based on a valid opinion.

  • Just because a man is single and 47 doesn't make him a PLAYER. I'd be more apt to say he is dedicated to his career. There's two sides to every story and the truth will come out on this one. We all know a good woman is hard to find. Why hasn't anyone questioned the background and character of the baby's mother?

    • Your right it doesnt make him a player but unfortunately for Haywood his reputation proceeds him. He is dedicated to his career but we also could say he is irresponsible (just as the woman is) for having a child out of wedlock. Yes her character needs to be questioned as well but once again that is on Haywood for choosing someone whose character we could question in the 1st place. Haywood has the most to lose here! My biggest point was if this woman was his wife if the situation did get out of hand ( let me reiterate him putting his hands on her at all is out of hand) but I strongly believe that a wife would have never let this get that far nor would the police have been involved meaning we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place. A wife understand what is at stake way more then a baby momma.

  • What does the character and background matter when someone puts their hands on you? The "baby mamma" was once a girlfriend and obviously it didn't work out, surley due to his cheatin' ways. Everyone mouths off from time to time in any relationship. However that doesn't give either party the right to physically attack the other and especially in front of a child. So wrong! This guy may be one way in public and completely opposite behind closed doors. You never know what goes on in any situation, unless you are the one in it.

    As far as the character of the "baby mamma", it seems to me it is one of family values and tremendous character, as she called the "PoPo" when a crime was committed against her in the presence of their child. As a man and father, you don't disrespect your childs' mother; ever! Especially, in front of a son. He should be ashamed of himself and hopefully has learned a lesson his parents neglected to teach him. He probably learned that behavior from wathcing them abuse each other…

    In any case, he lost a dream job because he couldn't control his actions. He did it to himself and he has no one to blame but himself.

    • pls read the court documents on situations like this b4 u start giving an opinion. the way u came up with ur comment u should have at least found out if he actually indeed strike the woman. police will arrest u even if u so much as push the woman away to keep her from hitting u.i dont know about u, but i hav a son. and if some1 was in that kind of rage was tryin to take my son anywhere in a vehicle, i would get my son out of the car. people in that kind of rage r not concentrating on the road.

      • I did read what documents were published. Apparently, the marks that were generated on the woman were of substance that they were still visible thirty minutes after the officers arrived. Lets think here… Something happened between the two parties. A call was placed to the police. Time passes before they arrive. Statements are made and more time passes and there are still visible marks on the alleged victims face and neck?!! I would guess 45 minutes later. Hmmm… Not really turning out to be a push.

        I also happen to have read an order that didn't specify that the child's father was suppose to have custody on the day in question. In most cases when someone has a history of violence, it's about control. Being a HFC, I'm sure Haywood has some controlling tendencies. Maybe the alleged victim was trying to flea for fear of Haywood. Maybe there was a history of this. I don't know about you, but that sounds more plausable than leaving in a rage. In the state of Indiana there has to be visible marks on a person for another to be arrested. You can't just place a phone call, or the jails would be over flowing with individuals. If both parties were striking each other, they both would have been taken to jail and the child would have been placed in protective custody. Thank Goodness that didn't happen and as a father yourself; should be proud that the mother didn't take it to the same level as the father for the sake of the child.

    • Allen we dont know if the baby momma was once a girlfriend, and from the rumors of Haywoods personal life i would guess she probably never was. You are absolutely correct no one has the right to physically harm the other party, but my point of this story was if it was a wife, she would have never let it get this far because she understands better than anyone what is at stake. She would have handle the situation better than a baby momma could because the outcome effects her just as much as it does him.

      But no need for you to jump to the conclusion of saying his parents abused each other cause that is off base and verging on the point of being slander since we have no proof of that at all.

      Your last point is very valid though he did lose his dream job because he couldn't control his actions and my thought on that is Im sure the outcome of his actions would have been different if he was dealing with his wife who he lived with, shared a life with and not his baby momma.

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