Plaxico Burress New Year’s Day Meal


The good news for Plaxico is this will be his last New Year’s dinner behind bars.

(read what was on the menu for Plax)

In my mind it was a miscarriage of justice that Plaxico will have spent almost two years in jail for shooting himself.  I thought Michael Vick’s punishment didn’t fit the crime, but at least he committed a clear crime.

The crime that Plaxico committed ended up with a chuck of this thigh shot off.

That is in the past, so no need to rehash that.  The question begs will any team take a chance on Plax.  If they do he can ironically thank Michael Vick.

I think teams will be more willing to take him in considering the production Vick had this year.  Who knows how his stint in jail has effected his skill set.  But if he gets out in time to work his way back into football shape I see him in somebody’s camp this summer.

I hope he gets another shot and I hope he learned his lesson.

Off topic the menu doesn’t look half bad.

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  • I hope he goes back to the Giants

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