Raiders LB Rolando McClain Shot at While Driving in Alabama

McClain went to the University of Alabama and had a solid rookie season with the Raiders.  No one knows if it was just a random shooting or was someone trying to take McClain out Pac and Biggie style.

Pro Football Talk has the details:

Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain was unhurt, but his vehicle was struck by a bullet, in a shooting in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama.

Fox 40 in Sacramento reports that McClain called the police and reported that someone had shot at his SUV. Investigators found one round stuck in the rear hatch. No one was injured.

McClain and his passengers talked to the police, and the incident is still being investigated. Local law enforcement has not publicly identified any suspects.

Scary stuff, because depending on the type of gun a bullet can pierce through a car and cause a lot of damage.  Glad that McClain is OK and I hope it was just random.  If someone is truly after him, he needs to get out of Alabama ASAP.

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