Raiders’ Nnamdi Asomugha Contract Voided Will Head into Free Agency

This will not make Raider fans very happy.  Asomugha had some funky language in his contract that allowed him to become an unrestricted free agent and he can not be franchise.

Meaning he is as good as gone from the Raiders and becomes the premier free agent available.

Even the Raiders appear surprised by the development. They had a team option to keep Asomugha for the 2012 season at $16.8 million or the quarterback franchise tag number, whichever was higher. But Asomugha had a “little known” clause that said his deal would void if he didn’t achieve his not-likely-to-be-earned incentives in 2010.

Asomugha played fewer snaps in 2010 than 2009, and made fewer big plays. That voided the deal. So Asomugha’s quieter season works against the Raiders in a few ways.

The Raiders can’t stop Asomugha from leaving if he wants to go. The contract also says they can’t use the franchise or transition tag on him.

Not exactly sure why the Raiders would allow a clause for a player to be unrestricted free agent for average play. Normally you put in clauses for goals that can’t be reached or not easily attained. Why would you give a player an incentive not to play well?

This is the Raiders though so should we be surprised?

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