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R&B Diva Ciara Dating Amar’e Stoudemire?

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, January 27th, 2011
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Amar’e surely gets around, first he did the “Bird Call” like my friend Stiletto Jill says for Amber Rose and now he is riding with R&B Diva Ciara?

Ciara is an interesting young lady, she has master the art of illusion.  She is pretty and has lovely long legs, but she is built like a 16 year old boy and is in dire need of a some Kelly Rowland style implants.

But because she can gyrate in an unnatural way, she gets the “sex symbol” tag, but according to the Book of Nohology if a woman has no hips, her lamp breaking skills will be subpar.


You wanted to read about here and Amar’e, here are the details:

Ciara has recently begun seeing 28-year-old New York Knicks star Amar’e Stoudemire.

“They’re keeping it on the DL, but they are dating,” a source tells us of the couple, who just recently took their friendship to the next level about a month ago.

According to our source, Ciara, who has been dating rapper 50 Cent on and off for much of last year, officially cut off contact with the hip-hop star when he began hanging out with Handler.

“When that Chelsea stuff started, she pulled away from him,” adds the source.

Ciara and Stoudemire recently met up in L.A. when he was in town for a game against the Lakers. She was even spotted courtside at the Jan. 9 match.

I don’t keep up with all this stuff, but I was sure someone told me Amar’e was engaged, not that it matters in 2011. Maybe he is just using the teachings of Eric Williams.

Either way her are some pics of Ciara for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Brooklyn Brian says:

    Rob you wrote this like a jealous ex-girlfriend of Amare's.

    What's with the Ciara hate? This rumor isn't even true.

  2. whylie says:


  3. Mai says:

    Rob u sound like ur on some Royce Reed bullish with that comment, LMAO! but CiCi is a non talented, I wish I was "Aayliah" bullish. And Amar'e stay out of the blogs, play basketball and call Melo and tell him u don't want him on ur team.

    • Rachel says:

      When did Ciara ever say she wanted to be Aaliyah? LMAO! People still come up with the most bizarre stuff to cover their hatred they have for someone they don't know…And "non-talented"? You sound like a bitter groupie….

  4. Alex says:

    why must people still run around and continue to degrade a beautiful black woman named Ciara. she is HIGHLY talented, and she isnt trying to be anybody but herself. can you dumbass groupies and haters stfu and deal with it..shes here to stay aint shit yall can do bout it!

  5. peach20 says:

    whats up with this negative energy bout Ciara did she bewrong you or something. she seem like a sweet girl and definetly is a beauty. Stoudemire and Ciara looks cute 2gether not that i beleive the 2 are dating. easy up on the girl be nice.

  6. tones says:

    Ciara being non-talented, LMAO. Ciara – singer/dancer/songwriter/producer/model. Whoever wrote this article must be a real hater because he or she said Ciara has the body of a 16 year old boy. I guess the writer didn't see her spread in Maxim back in September. The reason her body is so toned is because she clearly works out alot. She said she works out like for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, she doesn't smoke or drink and she eats healthy. But anyway, Ciara and Amar'e make a cute couple, but I doubt they're together. Ciara is best friends with LaLa, Melo's wife and Melo and Amar'e are best friends, so of course they're all gonna be at a lot of events, parties and red carpets together.

  7. tosha says:

    its obviously your hating on Ciara jealousy has definitely taken over your lil small mustard seed brain. someone told you Amar’e was engaged they should have done there research the man is single he’s not the first to get engaged and break up. Ciara isn’t the reason Amar’e broken relationship did not work that’s his situation not hers. like it or not they’re a couple and Amar’e is standing beside Ciara’s as his lady.

  8. Kai says:

    Rob your last name fits you Littal i.e, Little Brain, Little Mind, Little Weener! which obviously matches the size of your brain.
    Ciara is a Beautiful Brown Girl, got style, got dance, got it going on!
    Whats the matter Rob you got a thing for Studemire, Just because you can’t have him for yourself, don’t hate brotha!

    Ciara works out like no other, she is what you call tone and fit and at least she keeps it natural, unlike silicone butt Kim Kardashian! As fake as they come! Now if you want to write another hate article, why not get your jollys off by doing one on silicone butt, silicone lips, silicone boobs Kim K. seems to be this might be more up your alley dude!
    Anyway, haven’t you heard Peewee brain Rob, its not about what you have, its about what you can do with it, and the way Ciara moves, I am sure she would put some moves on you that would rock your little PeeWee World!!!!!

  9. Kai says:

    We do thank you for pics though. Girl is gorgeous! Amar’e and Ciara make a cute couple, Wish them the best.

    Hope all those Beautiful Brown girls in the music industry, movies, Hollywood etc. will Go there and claim their Ballers!

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