Redskins’ Fred Davis Accused of Hitting Woman With Champagne Bottle

Fellas I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this.

If a young lady is not interested in your advances it doesn’t matter if you are NFL Player, Rapper, Dollarnaire or Raz B, you just have to walk away.

There are three billion women in the world, just because one doesn’t think you are fly, no need to even worry about it. But when you mix in alcohol, late night clubbing and the ego of a professional athlete these type of situations take place:

According to law enforcement sources, Davis — a 2nd round draft pick in 2008 — was identified as a suspect in a police report filed early this morning … after an alleged altercation between the NFL player and a female clubgoer.

The woman told police she was hanging out at Josephine nightclub — when Davis approached her in an “aggressive” manner and grabbed her … so she threw a drink on him.

A short time later, she claims, Davis retaliated by throwing a drink back on her — and then striking her in the lip with an object. Sources at the club tell us the woman claimed she was hit with a champagne bottle.

Law enforcement sources tell us the club is equipped with surveillance cameras which captured the confrontation … and cops will review the footage.

I am going to give Davis the benefit of the doubt, because it is always innocent until proven guilty, but the point is don’t even get in a situation that  becomes something you have to defend yourself.

If you walk away from it there is no story and no police report.

Plus you are a grown man, men don’t throw drinks. Are you a Basketball Wife or a man?

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5 thoughts on “Redskins’ Fred Davis Accused of Hitting Woman With Champagne Bottle

  • Just walk away there are plently of fish in the sea……

  • Let it be a lesson to learn to both sides of the fence. "Walking away stops all the drama before it start…" If she would have walked away when he tried to "aggressively" holla – drink #1 would not have been tossed, which lead to "DAAAAAYUM" and drink #2 being tossed… Everyone should have took their hit and rolled out. Till next time because there will be another…

    • He has more to lose than her, so regardless if her behavior was immature he should have left it alone and if she works for the NFL he should have reported it

  • Just to set some facts straight because everyone ASSUMES he was trying to holla. She already knows him through her work as a NFL consultant. Also here is what the survellance tape showed:

    The investigator who reviewed the surveillance video said that it showed the suspect reaching for the complainant in a calm manner at about 1 a.m. She responded by throwing a drink in his face, according to the police report.

    About five minutes later, the video shows the suspect approaching the complainant with a plastic bottle with an unknown liquid and then throwing that liquid on the woman, followed by the bottle, which didn't cause any injury, the investigator said. Bystanders then got in between the complainant and the suspect and someone accidentally elbowed the complainant, causing a cut on the inside of her lip.

    • As soon as you said he threw the drink, he failed

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