Reggie Bush on if Saints Will Pay him 11.8 Million Next Year: “Probably Not”

People like to call Reggie Bush a “bust” technically that is incorrect. A bust has no value, Vernon Gholston is a bust. Reggie Bush hasn’t live up to his potential.

When you are the #2 pick in the draft you are expected to be a franchise player, not Ronnie Devoe of your team’s New Edition.

He has been paid handsomely for his bit part, but it appears that is about to come to an end.

Bush’s salary skyrockets to $11.8 million.  And he realizes that the team can’t justify paying him that much money.

Common sense would tell you probably not,” Bush told reporters on Tuesday, per Bradley Handwerger of WWL-TV.  “But most likely not.  We’ll see what happens.”

Unlike 2010, he’s willing to take less money to stay.

“I’m open to whatever is going to help me stay here,” Bush said.  “Obviously, with that said, you have to be fair to yourself.  You have to be fair to whatever the market sets.  I’m not stupid or dumb.  I know that obviously there’s going to have to be some type of restructuring going on here.  With that said, you’ve just got to kind of hash it out as best as you can.  Negotiations, things can go a million different ways.

Bush has three options:

A- Take a lot less money, stay with a franchise and city that has been good to him.

B- Be hardheaded test the free agent market and end up with less money on a team that may not feature him properly.

C- Get back with Kim Kardashian and resurrect his career.

I hope he chooses “A” because that would be best for everyone.

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