Report: Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov Says Carmelo Anthony Deal is Off

This is being reported by reporter David Aldridge via twitter.

Aldrige also says the decision is final by Prokhorov.  If true that means the Nets have wasted at least six months trying to put together a package for Anthony, only to find out that Melo doesn’t want to play for them or their owner was tired of dealing with Nuggets.

Either way this is a win for the Knicks.

As far as Melo his options are limited, but taking a little less money to play for the team he wants to maybe more prudent that locking in a few more million to play on a team he doesn’t really want to be on.  If you are the Nuggets maybe you should have stopped twiddling your thumbs and accepted one of the 273 offers the Nets made to you, because now it looks like you will be getting nothing or not what your wanted.

Once again until there is a definite statement from Nets or Nuggets, don’t believe anything, even though Aldridge is a legit source.

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