Shawne Merriman Says Martin Luther King Wants You to Forget His Steroids Use


Call me crazy but I am going to say this isn’t what Martin Luther King had in mind when he made his “I Have a Dream” speech.

I will give Merriman credit for one thing, I think as soon as he hit “send” he realized he made a HUGE MISTAKE and deleted the tweet immediately.

Unfortunately for Merriman they have this thing called a “Retweet” button on Twitter, so no matter how quickly you delete it is likely that someone has seen it.

Being that he is a NFL player with 185k followers there was no way that tweet was just going to slide by.

I am sure Merriman will say his account was hacked or that Lebron James wrote the tweet, but I saw it with my own eyes on his timeline and then he tweeted immediately afterward. No need to lie just admit you put your foot in your mouth (no rex ryan).

Merriman may have a dream that we should think he was a “beast” before and after his steroid use, but the facts are he has been an injury prone underachiever almost immediately after he got caught taking that “Roger Clemens”.

So he must be dreaming if he thinks we are that stupid.

Smarten Up Nas


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