’s Peter King Refers to Arian Foster’s Fans as “Arian Nation”


Can’t do that chief not even jokingly.

Some things you just need to leave alone. I know what Peter King is saying, I don’t think he is a racist or meant any harm, but you simply can’t play around like that. Not with the position of power he has in the media.

Just in case you don’t know what the “Arian Nation” here is the definition.

Aryan Nations is a far-right white supremacist religious organization based in the United States.

To be kind they feel whites are superior to any race and that other races should be segregated. Foster is black, associating his name with a white supremacist group even in jest isn’t funny.

I am not sure what he was thinking, he probably wasn’t thinking at all.  Even after he was told that it was offensive he didn’t even delete the tweet which means he doesn’t care and that is a bigger problem than anything else.

Have a little more respect.

H/T to Deadspin.


  1. People in this country have become overly sensitive. We should be more worried about how behind the education system is in America. While we're off being oppressed and offended other countries are laughing at how petty we are.

      • I understand the argument but King didn't come up with that on his own. I live in Houston and we've been saying it for a while, and we know what it means. No one is offended here, not even Arian so I don't consider it a big deal. IMHO

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