Suns’ Player: “Amar’e Likes Being the Man, Not Keen on Adding Melo”

There is a big difference between being Ric Flair and being Arn Anderson.

Amar’e likes being the leader of the Four Horsemen (or five horsemen since we are talking about basketball), so I wouldn’t be shocked if this “inside” information is true about him being “cool” on Carmelo Anthony or any other Superstar coming to the Knicks.

With that being said, what is the motivation of the anonymous Suns’ player talking to the media?  If they are going to talk, don’t do it off the record, man up and put your name behind the quotes.

“Amar’e will embrace any teammate, but if it were up to him, I know he’d rather just see the Knicks stay the way they are,” says a former Suns teammate, who requested anonymity.

Amar’e likes being the guy. He likes the players that are around him. I know he’s thinking, ‘Why would we want to change this?’

“I don’t think he’s going to be that upset if the Knicks don’t get Carmelo, I’ll tell you that.”

On Friday, Stoudemire said of the Knicks, “We don’t really need much.” That doesn’t sound like a franchise player pleading with the front office to make a move.

Amar’e is the toast of the town because he has made the Knicks respectable and since they have been horrible for so long, Knick fans are just happy to be competitive.

That won’t last forever though, if they plan on competing for championships, Amar’e will need help.  He isn’t a franchise player, he is a franchise enhancer.

If he is more interested in Broadway, than NBA Finals, the Knicks will just be average for a long time.

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  • Who the hell wouldn't want a superstar teammate? Especially one that can determine weather you win a chip or not.

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