The Bears Have to Lie About Jay Cutler’s MRI

I believe in brutal honesty, I think one of the problems in our society is too many people are scared to tell the truth. We have become an overly sensitive, so it is easier to lie than to deal with the consequences.

With that being said regardless of what Jay Cutler’s MRI says the Bears at minimum have to say he has a torn MCL.

The Bears gave up two 1st round drafts picks for Cutler, so regardless of what you think of him he will be the starting quarterback for Chicago for a long time.

If for whatever reason the MRI was to come back as a bruise or just a sprain Cutler will never live down what happened in the NFC Championship game. He teammates who to their credit had has back in the immediate aftermath will never respect or trust him again.

It is one thing to have us in the media be critical of him, but his peers to a man have crushed him for his “no mas” act. The NFL is like a fraternity, they are rarely critical of their own especially in matters dealing with someone’s heart, but their was true venom for Cutler. I honestly can’t recall ever 100% of current and former players not currently on the Bears roster in unison destroying one player for his on the field actions on TV, radio and online.

That is partly due to Cutler’s reputation of being moody and having a piss poor attitude if things aren’t going well for him. I think people would have given him more rope, if after he was hurt he didn’t pout like someone had taken his Barbie and rip the head off.

Even if the MRI truthfully comes back with some damage to his knee, he still has the issue that he didn’t try. He didn’t go out on his shield. There are no guarantees that Cutler will ever have another opportunity to make it to the Super Bowl. The NFL is a gladiator sport, but Cutler is now seen as a court jester.

People will make the argument what would have happened if he made the injury worse?

The problem was that argument is that if he already had torn ligament what more could he has done? When your knee truly explodes on the field you go down like Wes Welker or Carson Palmer. There is no questionable return, you are done and you are done for a long time. We still don’t know what is wrong with Cutler’s knee meaning initially the doctors couldn’t say he had torn anything. If he had torn his ACL they would have known or something extremely serious he doesn’t even take one snap in the second half. You shoot that knee up and you keep playing.

Aaron Rodger a player with two concussions this year gets blasted in the jaw by Julius Peppers and is woozy, but figures out a way to stay on the field. Ben Roethlisberger takes a helmet right to the thigh, was walking worse than Cutler, shakes it off and is running for first downs. Mark Sanchez a California kid playing with a hurt shoulder all playoffs gets destroyed on a blitz is in serious pain, shakes it off and almost leads the Jets to a comeback victory.

All three of those quarterbacks have something that Cutler doesn’t have.


You don’t leave that game unless you literally can’t walk, point blank period. The MRI may give Cutler a convenient excuse, but it want change the fact that he quit.

He will be forever known as:


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