Tiffany Langeslay Fired for Letting Adrian Peterson Use McDonalds’ Bathroom

They are real serious about the employee handbook at Mickie Ds.

When they are firing people over letting someone use the restroom you know it is serious business. You would think Tiffany Langeslay let someone into the White House’s Executive Bathroom.

An assistant manager at a Minnesota McDonald’s found herself kicked to the curb recently after her boss found out that she’d broken the rules by letting Minnesota Vikings superstar Adrian Peterson use the restaurant’s restroom after hours.

The woman, who had been working at McDonald’s for seven years, was working the late-night shift, in which the drive-thru is open but the restaurant’s seating area is closed. Around 3 a.m., she noticed a man standing at the drive-thru window, asking to use the bathroom.

Eventually, she recognized him as the NFL running back and decided to let him in to use the facilities.

“He’s a public figure… I know him better than some of the maintenance people that come in and out,” she explained. “I never thought in a million years that that decision was going to cost me my career.”

But that’s exactly what happened later that week, when the mother of three was fired from her gig at the Golden Arches.

Did you know assistant managers at McDonalds make like 40-50k a year depending on the city?  It is a pretty good job if you can stand the smell of the McRib.

The employee reached out to AP on Facebook but he didn’t reply (do you really think Adrian Peterson runs his own fan page?).  But luckly for Miss Langeslay the local news picked up the story and she was able to get her job back.

I wonder if she let Brett Favre use the bathroom if she would have been fired?

Something to ponder.

At least she didn’t let Ben Roethlisberger in, that could have turned ugly.

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  • Yeah I've worked at MCD's the past couple years and they don't play about that stuff. I've seen 2 or 3 people get fired for the same thing.

  • fired? just nuts

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