Vernon Davis: “I Don’t Miss Mike Singletary”

Remember when Nas went to work for Jay Z at Def Jam?

They sort of pretended to be friends, Nas said all the right things, but when someone really embarrasses you or you have a very public disagreement, no one ever forgets that.

Mike Singletary publicly embarrassed Vernon Davis on the field and in the press, you didn’t think he was just going to forget that did you?

TMZ caught up when Davis and when asked if he missed Singletary he said “No” and to make sure we didn’t misunderstand he said it again (you can watch the video here).

From the time Singletary sent Davis to the locker room and pulled down his pants at halftime I knew he would fail as a coach, that works in the movies, not in the NFL.

Davis who played the good the solider while Singletary was there, is just expressing what most of the players felt, they are glad he is gone.

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