Video: BJ Raji Pick 6..Cutler Quits..Hanie’s Legend..Packers to Super Bowl

First thing Jay Cutler quit on his team.

I don’t care what the diagnosis of his knee is tomorrow. He could walk on the sidelines and stand the majority of the game he could have played.

You don’t get many opportunities to play in the Super Bowl, you go out on your shield even if that means having your knee explode on the field.

The only way you leave the field in a NFC Championship game is on a cart. He quit on his teammates and the City of the Chicago.

Caleb Hanie with no practice snaps facing one of the best defenses in the league gave the Bears hope, but it was too much to ask for, but he deserve a ton a credit and I know his teammates respect his performance.

BJ Raji helped put the dagger in the Bears with his pick 6 of Hanie, but two things stand out he should never do that dance again and celebrate when you get into the end zone, he almost got Leon Lett.

The Packers are on their way to the Super Bowl as predicted by your truly.

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