Video: DeSean Jackson Congratulates Aaron Rodgers By Bum Rushing Him

For full disclosure both Jackson and Rodgers went to college at Cal, so there is a connection. With that being said Rodgers facial expression as Jackson accosted him like he was a co-ed in a bathroom in GA is priceless.

I guess that is how they is how the West Coasters get down, even though Jackson could have had more respect for Pam Oliver’s weave, she was trying to conduct an interview.

At least he didn’t ask him for his autograph.

Rodgers got a very small monkey off his back by winning a playoff game, if I haven’t been clear legacies for quarterbacks are made in the playoffs and Rodgers is on his way to great things.

Michael Vick has nothing to hold his head down about. No one predicted at the beginning of the year that Vick would lead the Eagles to a division title while being in the MVP race.

His goals for the off-season are clear.

  1. Get healthy and stronger.
  2. Work hard on “FOOTBALL”
  3. Stay out trouble or anything resembling trouble.

As long as he does those three things he will be fine, he is on the right track to redemption.

Great weekend of Wild Card games.

4 thoughts on “Video: DeSean Jackson Congratulates Aaron Rodgers By Bum Rushing Him

  • Ehh, I dont know,,I thought Michael Vick had a good chance to win this game. The Eagles defense was terrible in the first half. They could not stop the Packers for nothing. It seems like the Packer offense was on the field most of the game. I think Vick needed more opportunities to get a chance to win this game. Overall, hats off to Aaron Rogers and the Packers.

  • Great game

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