Video: Floyd Mayweather Goes Shopping..Fans Shout Manny Pacquiao

Tough few months for Money Mayweather.

When he isn’t getting into it with Security Guards or his ladies, he is being dogged by fans wondering why he hasn’t fought Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd was shopping (not for Chilli) and as the crowd gathered outside of the the store they came up with a plot to heckle him when he came out.

It was fairly effective and since no one was beat up by the 65 bodyguards Floyd employs. You can say their attempts to become “youtube” famous were successful.

Mayweather was on top of the world after he beat Shane Mosley convincingly, but now his legacy is in danger of being a fighter who while brilliant never had that signature win that pushed him to legendary status.

2 thoughts on “Video: Floyd Mayweather Goes Shopping..Fans Shout Manny Pacquiao

  • Good maybe pressure from boxing fans will finally force him to fight Manny (after he's done with all his legal issues of course)….

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