Video: Jay Cutler Walking Around LA Without a Limp

We live in a society of back peddlers.

Many NFL players realizing that it might be a public relations issue, started running from their comments about Jay Cutler quitting in the NFC Championship game.

Once again no one questions that Cutler was injured in some capacity, but nothing has changed my opinion he could have given a better effort to get back on the field.

Secondly once he decided to go “No Mas”, he should have been more supportive of his teammates who were fighting tooth and nail to get to the Super Bowl.

Instead he sulked like Sookie from Jersey Shore finding out her tanning salon went out of business.

Cutler has a mild MCL Sprain which is the reason he was able to hop on a plane and walk around with his girlfriend Kristin Cavallari in LA without much of a limp.

TMZ supplies the video.

Here is a little note if you have a major knee injury you aren’t casually walking around on the street or getting on a plane. The pain and swelling are too much.  Jay Cutler has a Torn ACL of the heart muscle, but his knee will be fine.

Furthermore he doesn’t care that you know the truth. I give him credit for that because he could easily hide out and make it appear he is really hurt. Instead he is saying, there is nothing really wrong with me, why should I stay in the house.

No matter what anyone says my opinion has not changed, Jay Cutler doesn’t have the mental makeup to ever lead a team to a Super Bowl.

He can prove me wrong on the field, but I am not holding my breath or my knee for that matter.

4 thoughts on “Video: Jay Cutler Walking Around LA Without a Limp

  • Except isn't that what you are doing questioning how injured he was? Its one thing to say he doesn't have what it takes that's legitimate but all these people saying if it were them that they would get back out there ASAP are full of crap its his body and he wasn't even that good before he got hurt. He did them a favor.

    And I don't get why people want him to be more demonstrative in cheering the team. Especially since Martz is calling the plays what would he do.

    I'll give Jay this much he has the same reaction to everything and that's what truly bothers people.

  • what is going on here? was he just benched for his bad performance? if so was that the correct move? what do you think?

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