Video: Josh Freeman 4th Down TD Pass to Mike Williams

With two years in the books Josh Freeman is a better quarterback than both Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez.

Stafford can’t stay healthy and Sanchez is very inconsistent. Freeman has three qualities that all franchise quarterbacks must have.

1- He wins on the road.
2- He leads 4th quarter comebacks.
3- He doesn’t turn the ball over.

The only reason he isn’t getting the type of publicity he deserves is because he plays in Tampa Bay and his coach’s wife doesn’t have a foot fetish (that we are aware of).

Watch how calmly Freeman handles this fake 4th and inches quarterback sneak. His first two reads are covered but he calmly lofts a beautiful pass to Mike Williams.

The Football Gods are pleased with his play not so much the Fro though.

The Bucs future is in good hands.

2 thoughts on “Video: Josh Freeman 4th Down TD Pass to Mike Williams

  • Freeman is the real deal

  • Man you know the only reason he's not getting the accolades of Sanchez and Stafford, and it's not because he's playing in Tampa. Just call it as it is.

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