Video: Nets’ Brook Lopez Cursing Out Avery Johnson

The Nets know they need to be on their best behavior if they are trying to “wooooo” Carmelo Anthony. I don’t know if cursing your coach out on the bench allegedly is the best way to go about that.

Brook Lopez wasn’t pleased about being benched, late in a game against Suns after an ill advised three point attempt (that didn’t go in of course).

It has been a frustrating season for the Nets, so I can understand Lopez being a bit salty or maybe he has been hanging out with Antonio Cromartie. With that being said that isn’t the reason I posted this video.

I can not lie, I do not know who is the player sitting next to Lopez, but two things.

A- He needs a Lebron style handband to hide his receding hairline.


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  • you have a funny opinion. And i respect that. Maybe you are a basketball fan, that is why you reacted such.

    liza from baignoire douche 2 en 1 

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