Video: Wes Welker Makes 11 Foot References in Press Conference..Shots Fired


Wes Welker is my favorite NFL player.

This video only increases his awesomeness as he not so subtly drops 11 foot references in a teleconference while speaking highly of the Jets team and defense.

All I have to say:

Wes Welker Ether>>>>>>The Whole Jets Team Attempt at Ether

The Patriots are playing chess, the Jets are playing checkers.  Creative trash talking is always preferred over the F-U variety.  As far as the game I do think the Jets will play a lot better, I don’t foresee them giving up 45 points again.

If you can get pass all the diss tracks it all comes down to Mark Sanchez, he can’t play like he did against the Colts.  That simply won’t get it done, he has to better than just a place holder, he has to win the game, not play like he is hoping not to lose it.


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