Vince Young: “Jeff Fisher Never Gave Me the Love”

Before I tell you why these comments should make any team leery about bringing in Vince Young, I will let you read his reaction to being told he won’t be back with the Titans.

“I am bitter a little bit, because I’ll miss the guys. From the trainers to the janitors, I appreciated everyone there “

“I have nothing against Jeff Fisher. I just wish he would have trusted me a little more. That was the only issue. “

“I didn’t feel like (Jeff) trusted me. In the five years I was there, I was always looking over my shoulder.”

“I didn’t feel like I was his guy all the way. I put in a lot of work and my stats and my winning, it showed I had grown.”

“Everything was my fault. But that’s over now.”

In general what Young is saying about Fisher is true. He didn’t want Young to begin with and he didn’t trust him, so it isn’t that Young is lying, but there is the HUGE RED FLAG in his comments.

Fisher might not have wanted Young, but it is Young’s responsibility as a professional to change that perception. You aren’t entitled to anything in the NFL. Every player is looking over their shoulder. Competition is at a premium. At the quarterback position preparations is even more important.

Young did nothing to prove why Fisher should trust him. He didn’t put in the work, he was immature, he quit on the team several times and has had various temper tantrums while he was there.

Is that a quarterback you would trust?

A quarterback who had to be forced back into the game, a quarterback that was so emotionally fragile they thought he would be suicidal and a quarterback when things did go his way took his ball and went home.

Even with all that, I was ready to say that maybe with a fresh start he could do great things until he said this:

“It was all my fault.”

That is what a five year old says, not a five year vet, who is suppose to be a leader of men. Not at one point in his statement did he take any responsibility for anything he may have done wrong.

To me that says he hasn’t learned anything and wherever he ends up the next coach will have to deal with a quarterback with a sense of entitlement that he shouldn’t have.

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  • Young has serious issues to deal with. hope he finds some balance in his life

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