Vince Young to the Vikings?

I believe Vince Young will be starting for some team next year.  When his head is on straight he is a quality starter.  Much better than a lot of the current quarterbacks in the league.

You would hope that his experience with the Titans forces him to understand being in the NFL is hard work and that he can’t have Charmin style feelings to people who are critical of him.

The jury is still out on if his attitude is in the right place, but one person who thinks he can be a success in the NFL is his former quarterback coach Craig Johnson who is now with the Minnesota Vikings.  ProFootballTalk has the details.

“I am sure they’ll do due diligence on Vince, and every quarterback that is going to be available on the market is going to be discussed,” Johnson said.  “I know it is going to be discussed, and I’ll put my two cents worth on him because obviously I have more of a relationship with him that most.  And then whatever decision is going to be made will be made.  Obviously I have a good working relationship with Vince, and he produced pretty well under me.”

“I think [Vince’s] future is still to be written,” Johnson said.  “What I would officially say about him, and what needs to happen about him, is in the big picture he needs to be known and thought of more for what’s happened on the field than what’s happened off the field.  I think that is true of him and any quarterback.”

I don’t disagree with those statements at all.

I think Young’s future is all on him and what type of person he wants to be on and off the field.  I do think the Vikings would be a great fit and good culture for Young.

Can’t be any more of a  distraction than Brett Favre.

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