Vince Young’s Lack of Work Ethic Termed “Legendary” by Titans

Some people assumed once Jeff Fisher was fired that maybe, just maybe, Vince Young could be back with the Titans in 2011.  That isn’t happening as it appears the disgust with Young went way beyond just Jeff Fisher.

I don’t know if it is a smear campaign or Young’s attitude was this poor.  Whatever you want to believe the Titans are killing their trade leverage by continually trashing him like this.

Titans G.M. Mike Reinfeldt confirmed multiple reports that the team still plans to trade or release Young this offseason.

The disappointment with Young within the Titans organization went beyond Fisher.  Players and front office members reportedly felt let down by the quarterback.  NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi said this week that Young’s lack of work ethic is “legendary” around the team.

With situations like this, I always assume that the truth is somewhere in the middle.  Everyone acknowledges that Young is immature and his work ethic, to be an elite quarterback in the NFL isn’t where it needs to be, but according to the Titans he is sitting around eating bon bons watching The View and then just shows up for the game.

We will see who is right when Young gets to his new team.

5 thoughts on “Vince Young’s Lack of Work Ethic Termed “Legendary” by Titans

  • No not everyone knows this… everyone who rides Fisher's *bleep* and believes every word he spoke regarding Vince thinks this.

  • I think I can talk about this on this site. Why is it that black quarterbacks are the ones that have their "study habits" or "work ethic" questioned? I'm not debating that Vince Young is a hard worker, I just think it seems to be inconsistent. You don't hear Chad Henne's work ethic questioned. You don't hear Derek Anderson or Alex Smith's intelligence questioned.

    But you hear SUCCESSFUL black QB get overly scrutinized. Mike Vick was basically called a "dummy" for not picking up blitzes, but when Brady (and I'm not saying Vick is on his level) couldn't pick up the Jets' blitz, you didn't hear the same criticisms.

    Maybe Young is a slouch, but I'd love for the media be consistent. Jake Delhomme threw picks like it was going out of style. But you didn't hear the same venom tossed in his direction.

  • Hey phillyhouse maybe cause its true how about that. why does everything have to be black and white. Maybe its cause vick admitted he was the last one in and the first one out. are u serious, delhommme was crucified and so was derek anderson. do you remember how they killed him for laughing on the sideline. Next time know a little about sports before commenting.

    • omg its sooo hilarious when someone has a legitimate point the response is "maybe if you knew what you were talking about" philly made a poignant statement and your response didnt respond directly to it. you merely affirmed his (my) suspicians about media bigotry/bias when it comes to black athletes… your response was "maybe its true" (generic and biased) when concerning blacks and "derek anderson got crucified" i believe the statement sugested that they were never specifically maligned for their lack of intelligence or work ethic you never really addressed that or anything he said for that matter you merely expressed your own personal prejudices

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