Bears Extend Lovie Smith’s Contract Through 2013

All things considered Lovie Smith has done an excellent job with the Bears and you could argue he has done it with marginal talent. He was going into a lame duck season, but the Bears have extended his contract through 2013.

“We very much want to extend Lovie, and the job that he’s done and the staff. Our focus, our intent is to extend Lovie,” Angelo said at the time. “We wanted to wait until the season is over. That will be part of the business at hand in the next several weeks.”

Since coming to Chicago in 2004, Smith has won three NFC North titles and posted three seasons with double-digit wins (2005, 2006, 2010).

Smith has a regular-season coaching record of 63-49 and is 3-3 in the postseason. His 66 wins are third-most in franchise history, trailing only George Halas and Mike Ditka.

If there is a NFL season next year it will be very interesting to see how Lovie deals with the backlash of Jay Cutler quitting, the Super Bowl expectations and dealing with a fully healthy Green Bay Packers.

One thought on “Bears Extend Lovie Smith’s Contract Through 2013

  • Well good for him that he got the extension…but if they don't win it all by 2013 then it'll be "see ya" time….

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