Carmelo Anthony & LaLa Set for VH1 Reality Show About Move to NYC

I am pretty sure this reality show was on the table from the time Melo made his intentions known he wanted to go to the Knicks.  I never bought the theory that Melo wanted to come back home (he was born in New York, but spent many years in Baltimore).

This is all about the Flashy Lights.

While Lebron, D Wade & Avatar Bosh have taken over South Beach, Melo and Amar’e (Chris Paul in the future?) wanted to take over New York City.

I am not saying LaLa was running things, but if you love your wife, she is an entertainer and wants to be in a bigger market it would be naive to think that didn’t have something to do with his decision.

Melo and his wife, LaLa Vazquez, are set to be reality television stars, taking full advantage of his increased celebrity now that he’s a Knick. The NY Post reports: “Carmelo Anthony is already capitalizing on his trade to the Knicks. VH1 announced Wednesday morning that Anthony and his wife, La La Vazquez, will appear in the reality series ‘La La’s Full Court Life’ (a title that could change).  It will follow Anthony and Vazquez as they prepare for their move to New York City following his trade to the Knicks on Monday.”

Remember when VH1 use to do shows about music? Me neither.

4 thoughts on “Carmelo Anthony & LaLa Set for VH1 Reality Show About Move to NYC

  • Wow..just what TV needs ….another reality show….can't wait NOT to watch it…

  • I knew it! Melo just wanted to be on TV. The man has West Baltimore tatted on him, he isn't coming "home." Baltimore is his home.

  • Melo wants to be brother Mazzone.

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