Did The Nets Do Better Trading For Deron Williams as Oppose to Carmelo?

Raise your hand if you were shocked when you found out the Jazz traded Williams to the Nets?  I liked to consider myself pretty locked in to all rumors, but I was totally blindsided.  I have told people the Russian Billionaire is serious about putting together a winner when the Nets move to Brooklyn.

Lets assume that the Nets get Williams to sign an extension (that is a big if) would you rather have Carmelo Anthony or Deron Williams?

I am of that believes a franchise point guard is more valuable than a franchise small forward.  A point guard can enhance everyone on the team while most small forwards jobs are to score.

The Nets gave up a little less for Williams than they would have for Anthony and it is said they are not done trading for more assets.

Once again if they can resign him and surround him with necessary parts don’t be surprised if you see Spike Lee traveling to Brooklyn from time to time.

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