ESPN’s Howard Bryant & Veronique Bryant Says Race Reason For Arrest

I can’t say that I am surprised.

Something told me that the woman in question was white, call it journalistic and/or hood institution.  Here is the police version of the story (Mugshot: ESPN’s Howard Bryant Arrested for Choking Woman..Assaulting Cop).

Here is Mr. and Mrs. Bryant account via Deadspin.

“It wasn’t an assault or a battery,” said Veronique Bryant. “I was not scared. He was not touching me. We had a discussion. The police reacted in a totally inappropriate way.”

Veronique Bryant added that she did not press charges against her husband.

According to the Bryants’ lawyer, customers in the pizza parlor saw the verbal argument and called police, but they and the arresting officers overreacted because the incident involved a black man and a white woman.

“This case is about the fact that racism still exists in America, and Howard Bryant is a victim of it,” said attorney Buz Eisenberg.

There were five witnesses that say they saw Bryant doing the Undertaker choke slam on his wife. The Bryant’s say it was just a verbal argument that people overreacted to because they are an interracial couple.

What do you think happened?

If not for the five witnesses, I might lean toward the Bryant’s story, but that is a lot of people who are allegedly salty because they are seeing a black and what couple argue.

I will wait to more facts come out before passing final judgment.

2 thoughts on “ESPN’s Howard Bryant & Veronique Bryant Says Race Reason For Arrest

  • Remember the scene from the movie Jungle Fever, when Wesly was playfully fighting with the white chick in public and the cops "overreacted"….

  • Brothas gotta be careful when arguing with a woman
    period. If she is white they need to be xtra careful

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