Gilbert Arenas Speaks on Laura Govan’s Deadbeat Dad Claims

After “Shooter” was served with child support papers at halftime of a recent Magic game, he has decided to set the record straight on a few things.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, but to be fair it is good to show both sides. Miss Govan has been giving interviews basically calling Arenas a “jerk” and “deadbeat dad”. She has had her publicist sending press releases speaking on how awful Arenas’ is. Here is how Arenas responded to those claims courtesy of

The notion that Ms. Govan’s been financially frozen out.

“She’s like that bum on the street asking for money, but if you follow that bum home, you discover he’s got five cars and a mansion. She gets 20 grand a month. She got $8,000 allowance. We both did. … You’re pretending your living a bad life, but the facts really are: you get 20 grand a month and you live in a three-bedroom townhouse in San Ramon, Calif.”

• The fact that his sharks — of the $5,000 monthly care fee — are no longer of this world.

“One thing I can comment on is the sharks. My sharks are dead. Yes, somehow, pennies ended up in the tank. I was told the copper distresses them. I’m not going to say it was her, I’m just saying they didn’t make it.”

• On being painted as a deadbeat dad.

“All I hear is, ‘I left the kids.’ She won’t let the kids see me. All I hear is, ‘Gilbert took everything.’ Sure I did. She took a SL600. She took the Range Rover, which I don’t mind because she has to drive the kids around.

Oh, all my furniture and all my clothes, about $4 million worth of stuff? Gone. And she says she’s living in some cheap hotel? Now, I don’t know how all of that is going to fit into the LA Quinta Inn — unless you bought the damn hotel.”

“Sure, I’m a deadbeat daddy. I get it. I’m the best daddy in the world until I didn’t want to be with you. And then I’m a deadbeat daddy. I think she did this the last time we broke up.”

“Look, you have your lawyer. I have my lawyer. Let’s do it that way.”

I am leaning toward believe Arenas. He might be a little weird, but I never got the vibe he was someone who would abandoned his children.

Plus it isn’t like Miss Govan is an angel since we all know what she was doing with Shaq while she was still with Arenas.

I like Arenas’ last statement.

Instead of making this all public and being attention whores, how about acting like adults and let the court system decide who is lying and who is telling the truth.


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4 thoughts on “Gilbert Arenas Speaks on Laura Govan’s Deadbeat Dad Claims

  • Something is smelling fishy to me. Lol. As a woman who loves sports and is entertain with the off the field/ court drama I really believe what Gilbert is sayin. Next time be careful who you have children with.

  • Well he shoulda known she was a heaux. I mean come on.

    1st strike – SHES AN AGENT. – Never trust a pretty woman in sports. Ever.

    2nd strike – She was 100% fine with children out of wedlock. Gold digging bitches always wanna secure their finances by trapping you.

    3rd strike – She stopped working. …. umm DUH.

    4th strike – 4 kids, Gilbert …really tho?

    5th strike – She started finding ballers for family members, although Matt Barnes seems like the worst man to trap. Something tells me hes not exactly a sucker.

    6th strike – She slept with Shaq. A woman with a motive would only sleep with Shaq. Fat, Tall and Ugly.

    And last but not least you shoulda known yourself. No decent girl would date a black man named GILBERT.

    • LMAO……funny……and probably

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