Introducing The Jason Terry Face..Arron Afflalo Game Winning Shot

Picture worth a 1000 words?

What about a million words?

This Jason Terry picture has much more meaning than his disgust about Arron Afflalo hitting the game winning shot for the Nuggets against the Mavericks.

Oh no my friends, this face is about the struggle. A man normally has this face at least once a day (much more if he is married) about something.

You pour you a big bowl of Frosted Flakes and look in the refrigerator and see there is no milk?

Immediate Jason Terry face.

Find out your 17 year old daughter just met Mark Sanchez.

Immediate Jason Terry face.

Realize you @ some girl your Favre style package pics instead of DM.

Immediate Jason Terry Face.

Going back to the hotel, getting ready to break lamps and realizing you don’t have any condoms.

Immediate Jason Terry Face (unless you are Antonio Cromartie).

So JT, men worldwide understand your struggle, without you even saying a word.


8 thoughts on “Introducing The Jason Terry Face..Arron Afflalo Game Winning Shot

  • i remember it was the mavs only lost in feb,im glad the nuggetts made them look human some.the mavs werent happy that night,thats for sure.they were the losers that night.

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