JaVale McGee’s Mom Pam McGee Speaks on The Dr. J Kiss

By now everyone has seen “The Kiss” that the good Doctor laid on Pam McGee the mother of  Washington Wizards and Slam Dunk runner up JaVale McGee.

(Dr. J (Julius Erving) Slips Pam McGee, Javale McGee’s Mom the Tongue)

Miss McGee has her own thoughts on the lip lock, here is what she had to say.

“Dr. J kissed me, I did not kiss him!” Pamela said jokingly. “He kissed me, I did not kiss him. I was kissing him on the cheek and he turned his face. No I didn’t say nothing but everybody and their Momma kept putting it on Facebook and everybody kept hitting me up.”

This is story is more interesting to me that Blake Griffin jumping over the Kia. The question is when Dr. J tried to get her back to room 212 where the players dwell, did she and her jersey dress make her way to the room?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  • Hey can't blame Doc..he's an old school player….he wanted to get a taste of the fine mature goodies…..

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