Kanye West to Crash NBA All-Star Game Halftime Show

Yeezy is the Old Dirty Bastard of our times.

Not exactly sure what is going to happen when he shows up, but according to Deadspin he is planning to make a grand appearance at Halftime of the NBA All-Star Game.

West sat courtside at last Friday’s Knicks-Lakers game, and our source also says the two will have some kind of star-studded event this weekend. Anyone have the energy for another bounty hunt? The weather will be nicer in Los Angeles.

On Sunday, expect to hear “All of the Lights,” the thumping Kanye track which featured Rihanna, Elton John and Fergie and Alicia Keys and a bunch of other people who are professional musicians.

I thought “All of the Lights” was the best track on his CD (much better than the overrated “Monster”).

I am sure the NBA will have someone available to cut his mic in 2.7 seconds if it appears he is about to say something crazy about Yao Ming continually getting voted as a starter or something to that effect.

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  • Runaway, Devil in a new dress, blame game>>All of the Lights

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