Karen Sypher Sentence to 7 Years for Rick Pitino Extortion Case

You remember Sypher, she is the woman who Louisville coach Rick Pitino got busy with in a restaurant bathroom after knowing her for two hours (Pitino is married with 5 kids by the way).

Rick Pitino “It Only Lasted 15 Seconds”

After she claimed to be pregnant, Pitino gave her money to “take care of the problem”, but after that she continued to try to extort money from him.

Today she was sentenced for those actions.

Calling her crime brazen and motivated by “sheer greed,” a federal judge sentenced Karen Cunagin Sypher Friday to 7 years and 3 months in prison for trying to extort cash, cars and a house from University of Louisville men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino.

“This was an egregious attempt to gain money by the defendant, compounded by her false statements to authorities and, ultimately, her retaliation against the victim,” U.S. District Judge Charles R. Simpson III said.

Because Pitino has media protection nothing happened to him and even though married high profile coach paying for his one night stand abortion seems like enough to at least check the morality clause in his contract, but I digress. Lesson to be learned, if you want to get busy in a Burger King bathroom, at least do a background check.

4 thoughts on “Karen Sypher Sentence to 7 Years for Rick Pitino Extortion Case

  • hope this is a lesson to every dirty cunt and dumbass horny no rubber old guy

  • As Louisville is one of my favorite college teams, I have lost all respect for Rick Pitino for not sticking to his marriage vows. If you're in the national spotlight, whether it's sports or not, you should understand that there are children that look up to you. I am just getting sick and tired of hearing about these well-known sports figures, pro & college(politicians not excluded), getting into trouble with the law one way or another, or knocking up a woman who is not their wife….Back to Karen Sypher, she is 50% to blame for tihs Sypher-Pitino daliance. I can just imagine it would be a messy one if Rick's wife served him with divorce papers after his affair came to light, considering how many mouths he'd have to help feed. As I don't know how good the Sypher's marriage was before Rick & Karen had their daliance, both Karen & Rick equally share blame for this whole situation.

  • B** was trying to get paid now she gettin played…..

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