Kenny Britt Charged With Theft Against Boss Bail Bonds & Bails Bails Bails

Kenny Britt is very good receiver, not the sharpest of individual though.  Bar fights, facebook arguments with the baby momma, traffic warrants and now this.

Britt bailed a friend out of jail and used bail bondsman.

Unfortunately for the bail bondsmen Britt promised to pay them, but never did. has the story.

Titans receiver Kenny Britt is facing more legal trouble, with a court date in Jersey City on Thursday, where he’ll face charges of theft-by-deception for not coming through on a promise to pay bail money for a friend who had been arrested in January 2010.

Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that two bail bond companies say Britt convinced them to bail out his friend Albert Robinson, who was facing charges of hindering apprehension and weapons offenses. According to those two companies, which have the interesting names of Boss Bail Bonds and Bails Bails Bails, Britt promised that he would pay back the bail money and never did.

Britt is accused of “creating or reinforcing a false impression by stating in open court that he would pay the bail amount,” according to the complaint.

Interesting thing after Britt bailed out Robinson he was charged five months later for murdering a 17 year old boy.

Nice friends you have there Kenny.

Britt plays in the NFL he didn’t have the 10% that a bails bondsman requires to get his friend out of jail?  What exactly is he doing with his money or is he just a jerk and thought he didn’t have to pay?

While Britt has had his share of big games he has been inconsistent and his history of getting into these little legal entanglements happen too frequently for his to be counted on if you are a Tennessee Titan fan.

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