Keyshia Cole Responds To Naked Pic Rumors..Boobie Gibson Still MIA?

The Cavs play the Knicks this evening and as of right now there is no word if Daniel “Boobie” Gibson will play or if he is still dealing with “personal issues”.

Most believe those personal issues to be his fiancee’ Keyshia Cole nude pics being displayed on Mediatakeout allegedly (Keyshia Cole Naked Pics Hit the Net..Boobie Gibson is Not Please). You can view the NSFW pics below.


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Miss Cole went to twitter to voice her frustrations.

No one wants to see their girlfriend, wife or jump off naked pics show up online (well maybe you don’t care about the jump off), especially if the pics were meant for someone else.

Hopefully Boobie gets back on the court, he has to look at the bright side, at least he isn’t Baron Davis.

3 thoughts on “Keyshia Cole Responds To Naked Pic Rumors..Boobie Gibson Still MIA?

  • Well she didn't deny it so those must be her pics…..I guess Boobie must be heartbroken…LOL….why is she mad at mediatakeout…she should be mad at the person she sent those pics to who sold her out…..Boobie should be happy the world knows his girl has a bangin body…….

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