Knicks Fined 200k For Illegal Workouts During Isiah Thomas Reign

These illegal workouts didn’t help much.

Has there ever been a greater player that was such a bad executive in everything than Isiah Thomas?

Here are the details:

The NBA gave the Knicks a very light slap on the wrist for illegal workouts one of their scouts ran during the Isiah Thomas Regime. From the NY Times: “The N.B.A. has fined the Knicks $200,000 and one of their scouts $20,000 after concluding that the scout, Rodney Heard, conducted workouts of college prospects that violated league rules, according to two people made aware of the league’s actions.

I like how they describe it as a light slap on the wrist. When I was fined $120 for a bogus traffic ticket (yeah I am still salty), I was upset for like seven weeks, but I digress.

The Knicks are respectable this year, which in turn means their fans are finally able to puff their chest out a bit.

Still can’t compete in the East without another true superstar to team up with Amar’e Stoudemire.

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