Kobe Bryant Says No To Any Female Cocktail Waitresses

From the time the DA decided to drop charges in his Colorado rape case, Bryant has done everything possible to make sure he doesn’t end up on MediaTakeOut.

Unlike most high profile athletes you rarely hear anything about Bryant’s “side pieces”.

Maybe Bryant is just being faithful (ok I had a hard time writing that with a straight face), most likely he has learned the problems come when you put yourself in bad situations and he and his top flight security of the world made sure that didn’t happen over All-Star weekend.

Kobe Bryant’s security was so tight, it even banned female cocktail waitresses from his VIP area at the Hennessy Black All-Star after-party Saturday night at Boulevard 3 in LA. According to an insider, Bryant’s team also carried out two sweeps of the club in the days leading up to the event. “Kobe had a lot of male friends with him, and I’m pretty sure they would not have minded female cocktail servers,” said one spy. Instead, Bryant kept his attention on wife Vanessa, who mixed his drinks for him at the table.

Personally I would have had to leave the VIP and made my way down to the floor with the ladies. I wonder if Jack Bauer was running the sweeps?

4 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Says No To Any Female Cocktail Waitresses

  • Lack of TRUST + an Abundance of INSECURITY = EPIC FAIL!!!

    Even if they stay married just for the sake of being married, they will never be happy. SAD.

  • Talk about being on "lock-down"……

  • He learned his lessons, there is nothing wrong with that.

  • 5 time champ. Best player in the world. Wife a dime. he good.

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